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We make all our arepas by hand with a pre-cooked white corn. The dough is naturally gluten-free, and we do not fry our arepas. To make arepas rellenas (stuffed arepas) we cook them on the flattop and cut them open to form a pocket before stuffing them with your choice of filling. We also offer three house sauces to go on your arepa - a salsa rosada (mayo, ketchup, hot sauce), a chimichurri (cilantro, garlic, oil), and a garlic sauce.



Pan de bono are a scrumptious cheese bread that is made from a yuca flour. These savory little gems are spongy but filling, and are (of course) naturally gluten free.


Empanadas are a yellow corn dough that is wrapped around the filling of your choice and fried. We always make our empanadas by hand and they can be made with almost any filling you desire!


Choclo arepas are made with a naturally sweet corn. We make our arepas with a little milk, so the result is a deliciously decadant, sweet arepa. We take two choclo arepas and stack them on cheese creating something akin to a cornbread grilled cheese.




We are proud to serve Coffee by Design coffee here at MAIZ. We offer a single origin Colombian bean roasted in light or dark as well as espresso.