We believe in the power of simple, honest food and and are therefore working on sharing the nutrition information for all our recipes.

We are starting this project with the caloric information for the individual ingredients. Please stay tuned as we continue to provide all the nutrition information for our recipes. Thank you for your patience!



Cheese: from 692 kcal (no sauce)

Single meat chicken: from 535 kcal (no sauce)

Single meat pork: from 677 kcal (no sauce)

Double meat: from 813 kcal (no sauce)

Bean: from 739 kcal (no sauce)


Arepa: 242 kcal

For a portion of...

- Feta / Mozerella Blend: 150 kcal

- Chicken: 136 kcal

- Pork: 278 kcal

- Black beans: 150 kcal

- Corn: 49 kcal

- Pico de Gallo: 7 kcal

- Avocado: 161 kcal